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This and That, Here and There

These words identify specific things and locations in Spanish.You don ’t have to use the “location ”every time you want to use these words, but it ’s good to remember which location the word belongs
to. That way you won’t end up saying “that guy way over there ” when the guy is right in front of you! Another memorization technique is to remember them in order: aquí, allí, and allá, and remember that you get farther away as you go through the list. Acá is synonymous with aquí - and you'll find that some countries use acá more frequently, while others stick with aquí.

aqui, alli, alla chart

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Estas flores aquí son bonitas...These flowers here are pretty
Ese hombre allí no habla inglés...That guy there doesn’t speak English
Aquellos países allá en la Africa...Those countries over there in Africa

Worksheet: Aquí, Allí, and Allá

Quiz: Aquí, Allí, and Allá

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