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Travel Phrases & Vacation Spot of the Week for 11/8/02

visit Bariloche and practice your Spanish!

Bariloche, Argentina

Located in the beautiful lake region that Argentina and Chile share, Bariloche offers skiing, hiking, and stunning views of glaciar lakes. They also make a ton of chocolate in this little "wannabe Swiss" town, and free samples galore make a trip to Bariloche a fattening but fun experience. Click above to see a website with more information about Bariloche and Patagonia.

Spanish Phrases for Travel of the Week

Getting to know somebody: conocer a alguien

me llamo
¿cómo se llama Ud.?
soy de
vivo en
¿de donde es Ud.?
¿cómo está Ud.?
¿cómo le va ?
estoy bien
¿que pasa ?
¡nos vemos !
hasta luego
hasta pronto

my name is
what’s your name?
I am from
I live in
where are you from?
how are you?
how is it going?
I am fine
what's happenin’?
be seein’ you!
see you later
see you soon

Book of the Week: Natural Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

The photographs in this book speak first and eloquently about the power and attractions of Patagonia. One criterion for evaluating a travel book is whether it makes a reader want to go to a place, while another is, does it bring the place home to the reader. This book satisfies both criteria. Even if you never read a word of the text, you can respond to the photographs with both a sense of wonder that is beckoning and a feeling of imaginative engagement that is intimate.

Spanish Travel Phrases Tape, Book, & Dictionary $22.99

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