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Monday, January 24, 2005

Lessons of the Week: COULD - the Condition Tense of Poder

The use of "could" in Spanish is pretty straightforward. The only major difference from English is that you have to conjugate the verb for different people. You create "could" from the conditional Spanish tense, which uses the ROOT + ÍA pattern.

hear mp3 Click to hear an mp3 of the pattern

(you can find a present tense refresher for PODER here
Could: the conditional of the verb poder

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¿podrías llamar? could you call?

¿me podría ayudar? could you help me?

¿podríamos sentarnos allí? could we sit there?

¿te podría ayudar? could I help you?

Worksheet: Conditional Use of Poder

Quiz: Conditional of Poder



Anonymous said...

hey, i just thought you should know that the "could" form is an actual verb tense. its called the conditional and it is usually only used every once in a while...i am okay with saying all this bc i have studied spanish for quite some time, and i am also a pastora a una iglesia hispana...asi, you se y conozco la lengua y cultura...well, have a good day

3:08 PM  
lupe said...

oh, and check out my new blog... spanish is way cooler than english
it's gonna be a fun ride

3:18 PM  

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