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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

¡Mi Amiga de Nueva Orleans está bien!

Thanks so much to all who emailed with kind thoughts and prayers for my friend Julie in New Orleans. I finally got an email from her today - and amazingly enough she was on a business trip to Brazil! Her entire family evacuated to various parts of the South, and she and her husband are going to stay with family until they figure out what to do. What a relief!


Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane and Storm Vocabulary in Spanish

picture of Spanish hurricane words



fenómenos meteorológicos
meteorological phenomenon

ciclones tropicales
tropical cyclone

cálidas aguas del trópico
warm tropical waters

baja presión
low pressure

bandas de lluvia
rain bands

la atmósfera
the atomsphere

el ojo del huracán
the eye of the hurricane


suministros de emergencia
emergency supplies

to evacuate

ordena de evacuación
order of evacuation

rutas de evacuación
evacuation routes

corte de la electricidad
electricity outage




agua potable
drinkable water

avisos de alerta
alert notices

medidas básicas para prepararse
basic preparation measures



Worksheet/Activity: Spanish
Storm Vocabulary

Quiz: Hurricane
Words in Spanish

Hangman: Hurricane

Links: CDC
Hurricane Information in Spanish


Otro Huracán - No Puede Ser!

Since there may be a few of you like me who are closely following this hurricane Katrina, this week I've done a special newsletter focused on hurricane and storm vocabulary. As some of you are heading back to school this week, I have a feeling this potentially devastating event in New Orleans and surrounding areas may be one of the key things talked about at school. Hurricanes hit Spanish speaking areas frequently - and along with them comes vocabulary specific to these events. Did you know that Louisiana is also home to over a hundred thousand Hispanics?

For those of you who don't know, I went to graduate school in New Orleans, and can't turn the TV off at the moment! I am praying that somehow the city is spared a direct hit, as one of my dearest friends Julie lives there with all of her extended family. She is a newlywed expecting her first child, with a new house just a few blocks from Lake Ponchatrain! No me puedo imaginar lo preocupado que han de estar, todos que viven allí. I guess all we can do is hope for the best!

Thanks to all who have participated in our online discussion forum - it's gotten off to a nice start. Soon I'll be featuring a selections of postings at the bottom of newsletters - so that those who don't have the time to go through the postings will see just a sample of the discussions taking place. Many of you have great experiences to share, as well as questions that can help others - so please think about participating.

The Spanish Verb Visualizer is still being finished - and the demo version isn't ready for release yet, but you can at least get a look at the a screen shot by clicking below.


Friday, August 19, 2005

new: Forum and Recipe Exchange

Hola Amigos - I'm sorry that this summer has turned out to be more hectic than I imagined, and the newsletter has taken a bit of a backseat to other things. Developing the e-learning and a new software program called the Verb Visualizer has eaten up most of my free time! With school coming up soon I'll be getting back into a more regular routine for the newsletter. In the next week I'll be sending out the summer ending newsletter, as well as a peek at the Verb Visualizer.

For now there are 2 new features some of you may enjoy using: the online forum, and the online recipe exchange.

For those who aren't familiar with them, forums are message boards where people can engage in discussions via postings. As we are now pushing 6000 members for the newsletter, I hope the forum may become a place where ideas and suggestions about Spanish grammar, culture, teaching, and learning can flourish.

The forum is public at the moment - meaning no additional registration is required to post messages. You can check out our new forum here:

Spanish online forum

The recipe exchange so far features 13 of Sandrita's Mexican recipes, and the ability for users to post NEW recipes and even vote on the best ones. You can find by clicking here:

recipe exchange

un saludo muy cordial a todos,


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