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Monday, December 12, 2005

Por Fin...Otro Newsletter de Verbos Reflexivos

Happy holidays to all of you! We have a few exciting new features on the websites - probably the most important of which is the Penpal Finder. This allows you to post a quick paragraph on the Insta Spanish site saying that you are either looking for a Spanish speaking penpal, or offering yourself as one - and people can respond to your right on the site, through a form that keeps your email address hidden, so that you won't end up getting unwanted spam as the result of posting. Also, you can choose to correspond w/ people via the private messaging features on the website. I'll be migrating all of the Penpal seeking posts on the forums over to this new section - so check it out and consider posting if that's something your're interested in!

We also have a great new chatroom with a strong language filter, as well as a virtual bot named Esteban who you can chat with even when no actual human beings are online. He can answer the basic questions about where he's from, how many brothers and sisters he has, what he does for work, etc - but it's a work in progress - so don't get frustrated if you find Esteban's vocabulary to be limited! You have to register to view the chat - sorry about that but it is necessary to keep our chatroom clean and family friendly. There will also be an organized grammar chat hour - this week I've scheduled Wednesday, December 14th, at 6pm West Coast time (9pm East Coast time).

I've migrated the blog and newsletters over to the NEW Insta Spanish site - so you can see the full newsletter here, or by clicking on the # 74 on the left hand column under newsletters.


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