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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where is the new podcast?

I've had quite a few emails and comments asking me if the podcasts are gone for good, and if I've quit writing the newsletter - and I wanted to let you know that this is not the case! I had company in town that ended up being for 3 weeks, and we were very busy! On top of that last week my main computer, which is a Toshiba laptop - began to give me all sorts of trouble, and it turns out the hard drive is bad. I don't think I will lose any data, but I have to mail the computer in to Toshiba's repair center.

So I'm working from my Mac, which is fine as it has most of the files I need to do the podcast and newsletter, but I'm a bit behind just trying to get reorganized without my main machine. Sorry for the delay! We have a great newsletter and podcast coming up that focuses on La Bamba - from the Musical Spanish La Bamba Lesson - and some new advertisers to tell you about such as the new website - where you can get one on one Spanish instruction with an actual human being online :)

So please be patient, the new stuff should be up shortly (hopefully by tomorrow).



Anonymous said...

This is great! learning languages is a great thing. I have some more interesting resources for you - and

Nice blog, I'll add it to my list of favourites!

4:37 AM  

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