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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Newsletter 80: Fuese vs Fuera, plus Audio Reading

We have a new newsletter with a quick look at the imperfect subjunctive form "fuese" - as well as another guided audio reading with a vocabulary and listening comprehension audio quiz.

You can check out the newsletter 80 by clicking here:

You can check out the podcast by clicking here:



Ergotelina said...

Very nice blog..I ll try to improve
my spanish....


Buenas Dias!...

10:54 PM  
sQuare said...

Nice to find a place that is trying to help and teach about the spanish language!
A lot of countries use it like their "mother language", even more than the english countries and other languages.
It's true that the chinese is more important for a lot of people ('cause the population), and the enlgish and french too ('cause they are a kind of "universal languages" influenced by politics, economics, technology, education, and a lot of things), but learn, write and speak spanish is important too!
There's a lot of people "disconected" from the world because of the language.
If we have to learn other languages, why the other people don't try to do the same?!

Let's try to understand diferents cultures!

Long life to this blog!

Greetings from a spanish spoken guy! (and sorry for my "english" language too!)

12:02 AM  
Mark Hazard said...

Just found your blog, great to see some good Spanish resources.


5:30 AM  

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