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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nuevo Newsletter y Podcast :) More Reading Comprehension

You can find a new newlsetter and podcast up now - for the virtual podcast, click here. Here is a snippet from this week's letter:

hear audio mp3Click to hear an mp3 of this week's introduction to the podcast (1.8 MB)

This week we have an exciting offer from the company producing a Spanish Virtual City software, called 3D Language Spain. They are offering a free download of their program to any of my podcast listeners and newsletter subscribers this week. This is genuinely one of the best pieces of software I've seen - you actually talk to your computer, and it talks back! Kudos to David Dunlap and his team for their great work.

I'd also like to remind everybody that our forums are a great place to find out new things about Spanish grammar and culture - this week we've had an enthusiastic conversation going about the dialect of Costa Rica, questions about whether they use vos (the voseo) there, some slang terms, and more. You can find the forums here.

Last but not least...please keep in mind that my queridisima coworker Sandrita Corona and I both support ourselves directly through the sales from the store, especially downloads (did I mention she's got 3 kids?...They're really cute too! :)

We've got a cool new Spanish verbs ebook and are adding things each day.

To read the FULL newsletter, you can click on # 79 on the left - or click here.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pobres Perritos!

This picture of my parents' dogs is too cute - they have to wear these for 2 weeks! Pobres perritos - lo siento mucho!


Friday, April 14, 2006

Website Outage and Download Store

Hola amigos - haven't had much time for the blog lately, as I've been a bit bogged down with moving website servers and control panels - quite a big undertaking! We've had a lot of downtime lately, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused my faithful visitors! We're now on a dedicated server w/ all the latest bells and whistles, and should be running smoothly from here on out.

We've got a new download store that offers a lot of new features, and plan to add new downloads as often as possible. As physical products cost a lot more to produce, stock, and ship, you can save a little money buy buying a download - and of course it's an enormous help to Sandrita and I, who rely on such sales to pay our salaries.

The Animated Video Showcase is the hottest selling download of the week - found here.

Of course as usual I've got a podcast/newsletter in the works, among other things (haven't forgotten about the Spanish Verb Visualizer either.... :)


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