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Travel Phrases & Vacation Spot of the Week for 11/15/02

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La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the most interesting countries in South America - an exotic mix of indigenous and Spanish culture, dramatic scenery, ancient ruins amidst jungles and mountains, and much more. During an 8 week trek around South America, Bolivia was one of my favorite spots. Click above to find more pictures.

Travel Words of the Week

Tastes, preferences, needs

no me gusta I don't like
me gusta I like
me encanta I love it!
prefiero I prefer
me gustaría I would like
no importa it doesn't matter
es necesario it's necessary
es importante it's important


Bolivia: A Climbing Guide

Thoroughly researched guide to the best climbing in Bolivia gives climbers more choices on where to climb with detailed access advice and more. The only climbing guide to Bolivia in English, including new and lesser-known routes on the Cordillera Real. Beautiful, uncrowded, inexpensive, and safe, Bolivia offers a variety of climbing opportunities. In this new guide, climbers will find all the information they need.

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