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Linguafun! Spanish Card Game & Audio CD
fun card game & language learning audio learning CD

Linguafun Spanish Card Game & CD
Cards to help you learn Spanish while having fun with the whole family!


2 Sets of Cards & 45 min. CD

Family: Focuses on basic vocabulary and everyday family activities.

Travel: The fastest and the most enjoyable way to pick up key travel phrases.

LinguaFun!® CD and Card Games -

Award-Winning Card Game & Audio

Everyone wins when they play these exciting card games that make learning a language easy and fun. For ages 7 and up, this is a wonderful language learning tool for the whole family. Great for trips too!

Play games like:

  • Gin Rummy
  • Solitaire
  • Concentration
  • Go Fish

Learn while combining red, white, and blue cards to form Spanish sentences. Become instantly fluent, with colorful cards making over 10,000 sentences.

Audio CD Reinforcement. Hear correct, native pronunciation plus a variety of sentence combinations on a 45-minute CD.

Each card deck has 54 game cards and easy-to-understand instruction booklet. Ideal for ages 7 to adult, 1-4 players

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