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Travel Phrases & Exotic Location of the Week

visit Cartagena and practice your Spanish!

Cartagena, Colombia

While known mostly for its violence and infamous drug lords like Pablo Escobar, Colombia is also widely described as a beautiful, friendly country with vibrant music and dramatic scenery. Grammy winners Juanes and Shakira are both from Colombia. Cartagena, also known as "Cartagena de Indias" - is one of the oldest cities in the Western hemisphere - scene of the famous sacking by English pirate Sir Francis Drake in 1586. In the days before violence plagued the country, Cartagena was a popular beachside tourist destination. For more pictures & a travel account, click here. For history of Cartagena, click here. For more on drug trafficking in Colombia, click here.

Spanish Phrases for Travel of the Week

Getting to know somebody: conocer a alguien

me llamo
¿cómo se llama Ud.?
soy de
vivo en
¿de donde es Ud.?
¿cómo está Ud.?
¿cómo le va ?
estoy bien
¿que pasa ?
¡nos vemos !
hasta luego
hasta pronto

my name is
what’s your name?
I am from
I live in
where are you from?
how are you?
how is it going?
I am fine
what's happenin’?
be seein’ you!
see you later
see you soon

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