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Learn in Your Car for Kids

Order this fun learning product for children

Kit-Includes both audio cassette and CD, with activity book and erasable marker.



Reusable Activity Book

Fun games and exercises in the accompanying reusable activity book enhance and reinforce the audio program. Laminated pages wipe clean so kids can play and practice - over and over again! Includes an erasable felt tip marker, plus removable stickers.


On the Way to the Fiesta! is the first title in this exciting new series for kids to learn a language while traveling in the car.

70-minute audio program

Uniquely designed for kids ages 7-12, this engaging audio program uses a fun, "learn along" approach to teach a language. Kids will laugh and learn right along with the characters in this interactive audio program.


  • basic phrases, colors, and numbers
  • building sentences and asking questions
  • a comprehensive vocabulary of nouns and action words


  • Laminated Activity Book with Stickers
  • 70-minute CD and audio cassette
  • Erasable marker