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Spanish Directions: Where Do I Go?

Finding your way in a Spanish speaking location can be a real adventure, as they often talk very FAST and words that sound similiar can have very different meanings - such as "derecho" which means straight, and "la derecha" which means the right. You might encounter something like "da la vuelta a la derecha y sigue derecho media cuadra" - turn right and keep going straight half a block. Spoken in rapid fire that can be pretty confusing! Memorizing the words below can help get you off on the right foot.

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la calle - the street
la esquina - the corner
la ciudad - the city
el país - the country

arriba, encima, sobre - above, on
abajo, debajo de - below, under
atrás, detrás - behind
delante de - in front of
entre - between
en frente de - facing
junto a - next to

lejos - far
cercano/a - near

en la casa de - at the home of
allí - there
acá, aquí - here

afuera - outside
adentro - inside

derecho, siga derecho - straight ahead
el próximo, el siguiente - the next one
a la derecha - to the right
a la izquierda - to the left

el norte - north
el sur - south
el este - east
el oeste - west
el sudoeste - southwest
el nordeste - northeast

Oregón está al norte de California
Oregon is to the north of California

El país de Canadá está directamente arriba de los E.U.
The country of Canada is directly above the U.S.

Mi casa está entre el hospital y la escuela
My house is between the hospital and school

El perrito está adentro de la casa de perros
The puppy is inside the doghouse

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