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visit Equatorial Guinea and practice your Spanish!

Equatorial Guinea

Did you know that the official language of this small African country is Spanish? That's because the Spanish ruled for about 200 years, ending in 1968. A recent oil boom has given this NW African country one of the most robust economies in the region, even though little of that money seems to make it very far beyond the hands of the government officials. For travel advice, history, etc, try the Lonely planet travel guide here. For political & human rights links from Columbia U. click here.


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Spanish Phrases of the Week

spanish phrases & quick words
avión ah-VYOHN plane
tren trehn train
carro KAH-rro car
no fumar no foo-MAHR no smoking
ida y vuelta EE-day ee VWEHL-tah round trip
aeropuerto i-roh-PWAYR-toh airport
equipaje eh-kee-PAH-hay baggage
¿a qué hora sale? ah kay OH-rah SAH-lay what time does it leave?
¿a qué hora llega? ah kay OH-rah YEH-gah
what time does it arrive?

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