verb gustar

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Lesson of the Week: Amigos Falsos - False Cognates

Beware of words that are not what they seem! A word that looks or sounds similar to one in English but actually has a totally different meaning is called a false cognate. Below are some of these tricky little guys.

spanish word

actual english

how to really say
English version


at present actually - la verdad es que
asisistir to attend assist/help - ayudar
carpeta folder carpet - alfombra
chocar to crash choke - ahogar/sofocar
embarazada pregnant embarassed - avergonzado
éxito success exit - salida
largo long large - grande
parientes relatives parents - padres
realizar to actualize realize - darse cuenta
recordar remember record - grabar


sensitive sensible - razonable, sensato


put up with support - mantener
últimamente lately ultimately - al final
vaso drinking glass vase - jarrón

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