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Spanish Formal Commands - Los Mandatos Formales

Have you heard any expressions lately with the word “VIVA? ¡Viva Las Vegas! ¡Viva México! ¡Viva la Revolución! These expressions use the formal command, the one used for Ud., or people you are showing respect for by using the formal tense. It is also used for generic proclamations where you are enthusiastically telling the world you want something to happen! The tense used for “you all” also follows a similar pattern. To make a negative command for these tenses, just add the word “NO” before it. As you see below the patterns for Uds. or "you all" are similar, just add an "N" at the end of the word. For a review of informal commands, click here.

Spanish Formal Command Patterns

Look at these examples for Ud. Practice saying them OUT LOUD!

(andar) ande walk!
(estudiar) estudie study!
(llamar) llame call!
(comer) coma eat!
(romper) rompa break!
(ver) vea see!
(subir) suba go up!
(escribir) escriba write!

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