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Lesson of the Week: Imperfect Past Tense Verbs

From the Ay Cosita Linda Grammar Chapter

Here are the basic patterns for conjugating imperfect past tense
verbs: (click for refreshers on present tense & preterite past tense).

Spanish past tense verbs chart

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One thing you need to remember about the imperfect past tense—it is for activities that were ongoing or repeated; something you were doing in the past, or something you used to do. You take the patterns for imperfect verbs and apply them to the similar conjugation patterns for different people.

  decir to say bailar to dance


él, ella, Ud.



Practice saying these 3rd person samples below out loud:

cantar cantaba was singing/used to sing
pagar pagaba was paying/used to pay
comprender comprendía was understanding/used to understand
volver volvía was returning/used to return
ocurrir ocurría was happening/used to happen
salir salía was leaving/used to leave

Worksheet/Activity: Imperfect Tense Verbs

Quiz: Imperfect Tense Verbs

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