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Spanish for Kids

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Musical Spanish 2 Audio CD's: Learn through Music

Special Deal: Kids Spanish Learning Pack!

All of the free audio samples found on this website come from "Lessons for the Road." These excerpts are only the beginning! Take it with you! While you drive....while you jog.... Kids love the all audio learning program from Musical Spanish! 2 CD set contains 2 and 1/2 hours (145 minutes) of music and Spanish instruction, including the 10 songs from the Musical Spanish book and CD-rom. ORDER

hear about the musical teaching method!

see animated intro to audio program


Award winning package designed for families with kids ages 8 to adult

Includes 3 fantastic programs to help your family conquer Spanish and have fun doing it! Included:

  • Speak in a Week Flashcards & Audio CD
  • Musical Spanish Book & Audio CD/CD-rom
  • Linguafun! Card Game & Audio CD


SAVE when you buy the Spanish Vocabulary Word Booster w/ Lessons for the Road for $25.00
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Ms. Lily's Spanish Sing Along
Spanish Vocabulary Word Booster

34 minute CD w/ lyrics sheet

Super fun music sing along designed for kids including the alphabet, numbers, colors, telling time, the zoo, and more. Cool latin beat kids will love - great Spanish fun from Lilia Mareski. Sold for $19.99. Some song samples:

The body song
The alphabet

ORDER with Musical Spanish CD and SAVE! both CDs for $23.99

Supercharge language vocabulary with 500+ Most-Needed Words & Phrases. Learn with rhythm, learn with tunes, Spanish, French, English… words you’ll use! ORDER

• Bilingual vocabulary builder
• 500 words and expressions plus conversation
• Original music energizes listeners
• Engages right and left brain for optimal learning

VocabuLearn: 60-minute audio CD plus U-print Listening Guide with entire recorded text and grammar notes in sturdy album case

“Older kids love and enjoy the pop beat. The vocabulary fits right into their lifestyle–concerts, school, and more.”
—Jacquelyn Hanser, National Director International Language School, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio




Software Kids Love!

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Musical Spanish CD-rom/Music CD
Learn the basics with our grammar teaching CD-rom & 10 song music CD

The Spanish Online weekly lessons are all excerpts from Musical Spanish, an exciting interactive program teaching Spanish through pop music. One of the best selling Spanish programs at! Interactive software and audio CD of 10 traditional Spanish songs presented in a contemporary dance-pop style (book not included).

  • 10 animations (see La Cucaracha demo)
  • Over 50 grammar lessons
  • Interactive puzzles & quizzes
  • Basics of Spanish in easy terms
  • Great pronunciation tools
  • Students love it!
  • Mac or Windows

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Learn Spanish through Music Book & Audio Programs!


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Viva La Musica!
Musical Spanish Book & CD-rom

Viva la Música...another great Spanish musical teaching album! Learn Spanish through 28 melodic songs designed to help you remember and learn the Spanish words. Comes with a booklet containing all song lyrics in Spanish & English. Mucho fun! To read more click here ORDER

hear the sample song "Vaya Vaya - Voy a la Playa"

hear song sample

  Musical Spanish book, music CD, and CD-rom: teaching through 10 songs like La Bamba & Guantanamera. Fun learning for kids and parents both! To read more, click here. Includes animations, puzzles and quizzes, pronunciation tools & more! To see a slideshow about Musical Spanish, click here