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Welcome to our section to learn Spanish online! Here you can find our newest lesson, including audio samples and a quiz - excerpts from the Musical Spanish audio, book, & software program, which integrates these lessons and many more with music to teach you Spanish. To tell an amigo about us, click here.This website will eventually contain hundreds of learning lessons from beginning to intermediate, so please and visit again! To get the lessons before they are posted, you can subscribe to our free email newsletter. To download our PDF catalogue w/ a free grammar lesson, click here.

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Lesson of the Week: Irregular Spanish Commands

From the Allá en el Rancho Grande Grammar Chapter

Let's take a quick look at a few of the irregular or WEIRD informal commands. These verbs only become weird in the 2nd person (tú), otherwise they follow the same pattern as the subjunctive, which we'll look at later. These little words are very common in Spanish - and can also be used with pronouns and articles - póntelo = put it on, dímelo, = tell it to me, etc). Here are some affirmative commands, where you are telling somebody to DO something.

Irregular Spanish Commands

hear audio mp3Click to hear an mp3 of irregular Spanish commands

Telling somebody NOT to do something is a negative command. You can make these irregular commands negative by altering the 1st person present tense verbs a little.

1st person present tense
negative command



no pongas
no tengas
no vengas
no salgas
no seas
no digas
no vayas
no hagas

Activity/Worksheet: Irregular Spanish Commands

Quiz: Irregular Commands

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Spanish Practice Idea:

Try reading the newspaper comics in Spanish!

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