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Spanish Negation & Negative Pronouns

To make a sentence negative, place the word "no" before the verb (i.e. no me gusta = I don't like... no estoy en casa = I am not at home.). When the answer to a question is negative, the word "no" appears twice.

quieres pizza?
do you want pizza?

no, no quiero pizza
no, I don't want pizza
vas a ir?
are you going to go?
no, no voy a ir
no, I am not going to go

Here are the key Spanish negatives:

ninguno /a/os/as none, not any
nadie no one, nobody
nada nothing, not anything
tampoco neither, not either
nunca never
ni neither, nor

These negative words can be used along with the word "NO", or alone, placed before the verb.

Nadie lo tiene No one has it
No vi a nadie I didn't see anyone
Nada va a pasar Nothing is going to happen
No hay nada en el cuarto There's nothing in the room
Ninguno de los niños está aquí None of the children are here
No comí ninguna de la sopa I didn't eat any of the soup

You'll notice that ninguno changes to agree with the noun:

singular plural
masculine ninguno ningunos
feminine ninguna ningunas

Alguno and ninguno drop the -o before a masculine singular noun.

    ¿Tienes algún libro?
    No, no tengo ningún libro.

Ninguno/ninguna is usually used in the singular form.

    ¿Tienes algunas sillas?
    No, no tengo ninguna.

    ¿Hay algunos cuartos disponibles?
    No, no hay ninguno.

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