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Welcome to Vol. 7 of the Spanish Online Newsletter! Spanish lessons with audio links, as well as Spanish speaking travel spots and more. You'll find that the weekly lessons are a lot more fun in combination with the CD-rom/music CD that they are taken from, and this week I'm offering a special of $5.00 plus shipping for newsletter members. The software contains a lot of material not included in each week's lesson, plus a music CD w/ 10 songs. To check out the special offer, click here. ¡Qué disfruten!

Lesson of the Week: To be Able to = the verb PODER

From the La Cucaracha Grammar Chapter

View Cucaracha Animation

The verb PODER

This is one of the most important verbs in Spanish, learn it well because you will use it all the time! It is a modal verb, or a verb that is often used with other verbs, similar to last week's verb QUERER.

puedo ir = I can go ellos pueden bailar
puedo jugar = I can play
puedo bailar = I can dance

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As you can see below, the "o" in PODER changes to "ue" when you conjugate it. For more information about this and other stem changing verbs, click on the button below.

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yo puedo (PWEH-doh) I can
puedes (PWEH-dehs) you can
él, ella, Ud puede (PWEH-day) can
nosotros podemos (poh-DEH-mohs) we can
ellos, Uds. pueden (PWEH-dehn) they can

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Worksheet/Activity: Poder Present Tense

Quiz: Poder Present Tense

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Travel Phrases of the Week:

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Spanish family words

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Travel Spot of the Week

visit Machu Picchu and practice your Spanish!

Machu Picchu , Peru

While many overly hyped tourist destinations tend to disappoint, this is not the case with the fabled Incan "lost city." Even if you are too lazy to hike the Incan trail and take the motion sickness provoking train in like I did -- the feeling of wandering around this place is very mysterious, and down right awe inspiring. For a virtual tour of Machu Picchu click above.


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