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Welcome to Vol. 10 of the Spanish Online Newsletter! Spanish lessons with audio samples, as well as ideas for Spanish travel and more. I hope you enjoy this week's lesson - if so please support our efforts by adding a link to us on your website, or consider buying one of our fun Spanish teaching programs ¡Muchas Gracias!

Lesson of the Week: Hay - there is/there are

From the A Media Luz Grammar Chapter

Hay - there is/there are

In Spanish the expression “hay ” is used all the time. It’s a great phrase to use when asking or answering a question. Remember it is pronounced exactly like the letter “I" in English. Look at the following examples:

¿Hay hamburguesas?
¿Hay café?
¿Hay un hotel allí?
¿Hay muchos?
¿Cuántos hay ?

Are there hamburgers?
Is there coffee?
Is there a hotel there?
Are there a lot?
How many are there?

Sí, hay hamburguesas
No, no hay café
Sí, hay un hotel
No, no hay muchos
Hay cuarenta

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practice your Spanish! Try practicing by using the word "hay" next time you're at a Mexican restaurant!

Worksheet/Activity: Hay

Quiz: Hay

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Travel Phrases of the Week:

"Hay" & Hotel Phrases

hay & hotel phrases in Spanish

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Travel Spot of the Week

visit Puerto Rico and practice your Spanish!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Stroll through the colorful streets of Old San Juan, visit the old Spanish fort "El Morro", visit the light sandy Caribbean beaches, or take a tour to the El Yunque rainforest less than an hour from San Juan (practicing your Spanish and strengthening your ability to understand diverse accents as you go!)


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