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Welcome to Vol. 1 of the Spanish Online Newsletter! Weekly Spanish lessons with audio links, as well as travel phrases and more. You can find an archive of each week's lesson online. The website is still under development, but we plan to add many more interactive lessons and flash games as time goes on. Thanks again for signing up for the newsletter - now onto the first lesson...

Lesson of the Week: Question Words

These are extremely helpful! Notice that "cuanto" and "cuantos" change with the gender of the word they refer to. Click here to download an mp3 of all of these words.

hear audio mp3 ¿quién? who?
hear audio mp3 ¿qué? what?
hear audio mp3 ¿dónde? where?
hear audio mp3 ¿por qué? why?
hear audio mp3 ¿cuándo? when?
hear audio mp3 ¿cómo? how?
hear audio mp3 ¿cuánto/a? how much?
hear audio mp3 ¿cuántos/as? how many?

Quiz: Question Words

Travel Phrases of the Week

spanish travel phrases
avión ah-VYOHN plane
tren trehn train
carro KAH-rro car
no fumar no foo-MAHR no smoking
ida y vuelta EE-day ee VWEHL-tah round trip
aeropuerto i-roh-PWAYR-toh airport
equipaje eh-kee-PAH-hay baggage
¿a qué hora sale? ah kay OH-rah SAH-lay what time does it leave?
¿a qué hora llega? ah kay OH-rah YEH-gah
what time does it arrive?

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Travel Spot of the Week

visit Zacatecas and practice your Spanish!

Zacatecas, Mexico

This enchanting colonial city is one of the jewels of central Mexico. With quaint cobblestone streets and outdoor cafes, Zacatecas offers a look at the Mexican life that has remained largely unchanged by modern times.


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