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Learn Spanish Numbers Fast!

audio set (see slideshow)

Take it with you! While you drive....while you jog....

Do you have trouble really using Spanish numbers in a real life environment? Do native speakers seem to say numbers 10 times faster than you learned in school? We have the perfect solution for you. Our numbers learning audio CD and booklet is designed to help you manipulate numbers, money, dates, and time with ease!.

New audio numbers learning program from the Musical Linguist. 1 hour enhanced CD set contains over an hour of numbers instruction, including native speakers. Includes:

  • practice numbers up to the hundreds, thousands, & million
  • learn to USE numbers for transactions
  • learn to comprehend native speakers
  • practice telling time & dates
  • activities & practice ideas
  • enhanced CD: play in your stereo or use PDF & mp3s
  • free online interactive quizzes
  • 8 pg. transcript of numbers instruction

Enhanced CD format offers both an audio CD for playing in your stereo, car, or computer, as well as an interactive CD-rom with a PDF of the booklet as well as the audio tracks in mp3 format. From the same company that brought you the Musical Spanish line of products - whose motto is that learning Spanish should be both fun and easy.

toll free 1 866 297-2128

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Lessons for the Road, the audiobook form of the Musical Spanish book and music CD, with additional sound samples of Spanish words $24.99 retail price Save $$$ by buying with Learn Spanish Verbs Fast

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available April 2004

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