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Spanish Learning Travel Spot of the Week

visit Quito and practice your Spanish!

Quito, Ecuador

At 9,400 feet Quito is the 2nd highest capital city in the world - so make sure to take some altitude sickness precautions if you go. If you loved the scenery in the movie "Proof of Life" - Quito is the place for you. Rich in Incan history, Spanish colonial architecture, and local artesanía, a visit to Quito offers an opportunity to explore the lovely country of Ecuador. For more pictures, click above. For history, click here.


Spanish Practice Idea:

Try to read at least one Spanish news article a day. Since you're already familiar with the themes (assuming you keep up on current events...) it will help you to understand more of the vocabulary, even if the words are new to you. Here are some sites you may want to use:


Spanish Learning Product of the Week

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