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Travel Phrases & Spanish Speaking Spot of the Week

visit Salta and practice your Spanish!

Salta, Argentina

One of the oldest colonial cities in Argentina, located in the NW Andean region still populated by some of the only indigenous people found in Argentina. If you can avoid altitude sickness, the "tren de los nubes" or train of the clouds is supposed to provide breathtaking views. The region also gave rise to the vibrant folk music sung by artists such as Grammy winner Mercedes Sosa and 2000 nominees Los Nocheros. I was surprised at a music festival in Miami a few years ago to find that of all the incredible music shows I attended - the Argentine folkloric show was by far the most enchanting.

Spanish Phrases for Travel of the Week

Getting to know somebody: conocer a alguien

me llamo
¿cómo se llama Ud.?
soy de
vivo en
¿de donde es Ud.?
¿cómo está Ud.?
¿cómo le va ?
estoy bien
¿que pasa ?
¡nos vemos !
hasta luego
hasta pronto

my name is
what’s your name?
I am from
I live in
where are you from?
how are you?
how is it going?
I am fine
what's happenin’?
be seein’ you!
see you later
see you soon

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