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Immersion Plus - Spanish for Intermediate to Advanced

Increase Spanish fluency, improve comprehension, and build useful vocabulary at home or on the go with this unique audio learning program by Penton Overseas.

Spanish Immersion


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Audio Immersion Experience - Immersion Plus Spanish

3 audio CDs plus listening guide $29.99

This is one of the more useful audio programs I've found - I did the Italian one last summer & found it to be one of the few audio programs that I truly learned something from. You hear a variety of dialogues spoken by native speakers - repeated several times, each time at different pace. While definitely not for complete beginners - this course can really help somebody at the advanced beginning or intermediate stage.

The program consists of 7 total dialogues, arranged in an alternating fashion in order to further challenge listening and comprehension skills. Each dialogue is presented 3 times, first at a normal conversational pace, next spoken slowly with clear and careful pronunciation, and then repeated at a normal pace again. The included booklet contains a transcription of the entire spoken text as well as the English translation for all of the dialogues.

  • variety of accents
  • introduces important idiomatic expressions
  • helps develop listening comprehension

Dialogues include

  Dining Out
The Fishing Trip
The Ocean Cruise
Going Shopping
Going Golfing
Buying a House
The Election

Strengthen your fluency today with Immersion Plus Spanish! ORDER

Immersion Plus with Learn Spanish Verbs Fast $39.99


Immersion Plus with Think Spanish Magazine & CD $39.99