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Spanish 101 Learning Pack - First Year Self Teaching Tools
6 audio CDs and 3 interactive CD-roms

For beginning Spanish students, trying to figure out where to begin is often a difficult task. There are so many textbooks, audio tapes, CDs, and software programs these days - that it can be nerve wracking to try to figure out what to START with. Should I buy 501 Verbs? Should I begin with grammar or audio? Would a computer program help or only confuse me more? Can't I just learn for free online? In fact you can learn quite a bit for free online. Sites like Spanish Online ( and Studyspanish ( offer plenty of free lessons, quizzes, and audio to get you started. But if you are serious about learning Spanish, you might also like to get a few tools that can jump start your learning experience. The package below is designed to get you up and running as quick as possible, by giving you some essentials in grammar, vocabulary, & conversation. This package is ideal for a high school or college Spanish student, or anyone who is taking beginning to intermediate Spanish. Includes a bonus free Tito Puente "Oye Como Va" music CD.

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save on the easy and fun all audio program from Musical Spanish
buy the complete tutorial on CDs and book from Musical Spanish

Spanish Verbs 101
Learn in your Car - 5 hour audio learning set

Brand new! Learn in your Car: Spanish Verbs 101. This new set adds 51 new verbs to the Learn Spanish Verbs Fast! Audio Set listed below. Provides Spanish & English pronunciations for 6 conjugations. Interactive format & catchy new rhythms encourage ACTIVE rather than passive learning (no falling asleep while learning your verbs!) 4 audio CDs & 36 pg booklet. $29.99 Read More...
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Learn Spanish Now! 9.0
CD-rom for PC or Mac

Transparent Language is probably the leading American langauge software manufacturer, and their programs include interactive videos, extensive grammar tutorials, the ability to record your own voice. $29.99 Read More..

  • 4 learning titles, GrammarPro!, and online activities
  • More than 10,000 words and phrases, games, and more
  • Video content featuring native speakers
  • Pronunciation recording tool

Lessons for the Road - from Musical Spanish

Exciting audio program with over 50 Spanish lessons based on the lyrics to songs like La Bamba and Guantanamera. Learn the basics of Spanish while on the go - no need for a book. Fun and easy! $19.99 online. Read More..

  • Spanish pronunciation and alphabet
  • the song lyrics in Spanish and English
  • numbers
  • travel phrases
  • greetings and introductions
  • using verbs to communicate
  • people identifiers
  • sizes and comparisons
  • much more!

Collins Spanish Talking Dictionary
CD-rom for PC

Over 80,000 words and phrases and more than 120,000 translations, and incorporates audio sound samples throughout. $19.99 Read More..

  • Spoken by professional native speakers.
  • It also includes a quick search facility.
  • The software includes crosswords & exercises

Oye Como Va Bonus CD!

Includes BONUS Tito Puente fun music CD, Oye Como Va


Already have Lessons for the Road?
No problem.

Spanish 101 Learning Pack

Spanish Now 9.0, Collins Talking Dictionary CD-rom, Spanish Verbs 101, Lessons for the Road, & bonus Oye Como Va Music CD

Pack without "Lessons"

Spanish Now 9.0, Collins Talking Dictionary CD-rom, Spanish Verbs 101