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Spanish Learning Magazine & Audio CD: Think Spanish! July 2004 Edition

Increase Spanish fluency, improve grammar, and build useful vocabulary at home with this smart magazine and audio CD. Articles are written and read in Spanish by an international writing team. You can save buy buying 3 packs of Think Spanish! for just $30.00.

Spanish alphabet and more with Ms. Lily's fun sing along CD

Magazine includes dynamic articles about culture, travel, art, people and more and contains useful lessons and tutorials.

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Spanish learning audio magazine Think Spanish

Perfect your Spanish with Think Spanish Magazine – now available with Audio CD. Think Spanish! Magazine is the monthly publication designed to increase Spanish fluency, build vocabulary and grammar and improve listening comprehension while teaching you about life and culture in Spanish-speaking countries. See some samples:

crossword puzzle
sample page about the zoo (pdf)

  • 20 page magazine
  • 30 minute CD read by native speakers
  • increase listening comprehension & pronunciation
  • Spanish learning exercises

In this issue:

Hispanos para la Historia - Anthony Quinn

Isla de la Toja - explore paradise on the islands of Galicia

Vicente Fox - biography of Mexico's president

Geography of Machu Picchu, Peru

La Independencia de Colombia - history of Colombia's independence

Cultura a través de los continentes - learn about a popular Spanish radio station

Lección - It's in the Past: Preterite & Imperfect Tenses

Crucigrama - Vehículos de Motor

Se Desmorona el Glaciar Perito Moreno - Discover this natural phenomenon south of Buenos Aires

Receta - Recipe of the month

¡Repita Después de mí! - Practice and repeat Spanish idioms and phrases

Think Spanish! July 2004 Magazine w/ Audio CD

Think Spanish Magazine & CD - July 04 Edition


Think Spanish! July 2004 with the Complete Musical Spanish

Think Spanish Magazine & CD plus the Complete Musical Spanish