verb gustar

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Lesson of the Week: The Verb IR

This irregular verb is one of the key verbs used in the Spanish language. Some conjugations of IR:



preterite imperfect


yo voy fui iba iré
tu vas fuiste ibas irás
el, ella, Ud. va fue iba irá
nos. vamos fuimos íbamos iremos
ellos, Uds van fueron iban irán

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As you see below, IR is also commonly used in combination with other verbs, often using the pattern of "ir + a + an infinitive verb". Practice saying the following sentences OUT LOUD!

vas a estar en clase mañana?
are you going to be in class tomorrow?
Juan fue a jugar fútbol
Juan went to play soccer
iré a misa el domingo
I'll go to mass on Sunday
¿van juntos?
are they going together?
ibamos a la escuela
we were going to school
¿ya fuiste al doctor?
did you already go to the doctor?

Worksheet : The Verb IR

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